C# Open new Excel Workbook and Add Data

In such cases you should consistently open up Object Web browser in excel macros as well as and look for what you are actually searching for

In a lot of cases, you can easily address concerns like these your own self: just tape an Excel macro and also look at the produced code. Despite the fact that it is VBA, not C#, you will definitely typically see what you need to have.

From a console treatment making use of C# I am actually attempting to open a brand-new Excel book and include information to it. I can open up a new book fine, but I am operating right into concerns including data to the workbook considering that my variation things is zero, as well as I can not seem to be to hook right into the stand out book that was actually just opened.

Excel.Range rangeStyles = app.get_Range("B3", "B100");
rangeStyles.Style = "NewStyle";

Merely tape a Macro while you add a Histogram to your sheet.

I need to modify the font style (font style kind) of some tissues in Excel sheet. Excel piece is actually produced by Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel

I possess excel 2016 vsto treatment integrate in c#. I possess a graph management as well as desire to set chart kind to the histogram. I can easily choose this chart coming from excel however I am actually unable set this graph type programmatically.

Quit recording as well as push Alt+ F11 to open up the Visual Basic Editor. Open the recoded macro and also convert/compare the VBA to C# code.

This method is functioning but I require to understand one thing; by utilizing this code the stand out levels in the history yet the consumer can not view any kind of visualization of the workbook being refined?

I require to produce an Excel spreadsheet and after that I require to rename the sheets. What am I performing incorrect?

Worksheet sheet1 = Globals.Factory.GetVstoObject(Globals.Sheet1.Application.Worksheets[1]);
Excel.ChartObject myChart = (Excel.ChartObject)sheet1.ChartObjects("chartTest");
myChart.Chart.SetSourceData(sheet1.Range["A1", "A51"]);
Excel.XlChartType myType = (Excel.XlChartType)118;

myChart.Chart.ChartType = myType;

I am bring in and also Application that reads data coming from succeed books as following:

My app possesses a DataGridView and a Combobox where the combobox will certainly be inhabited due to the name of the worksheets (Branches) once a department is chosen coming from the combobox the DataGridView is regenerated due to the information in this division.

The excel includes data concerning Expense of Amount (BOQ) where I possess about 4 or 5 pillars that includes records however there are departments in the BOQ table where there are Civil, Style, Mechanical, Power, …, and so on. Each of the department is actually in separate worksheet.

I have currently created a code that places information in a particular worksheet in the DataGridView

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