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I have to generate an excel file for a user on the fl upon button click. I was utilizing Netoffice before which worked fine for desktop applications. But now I wish to do the same thing with an app. In this manner my server code does not have an access to the customer’s copy of stand out. What technique should I take?

Usage EPPlus. It allows you to create Excel spreadsheets on the server. I’ve utilized it and it worked fantastic. It supports advanced functions.

The most likely and flexible to do precisely what you need is going to take some work, but it’s complimentary– and actually works. Utilize the toolkit to take a look at existing documents to see the best ways to create the functions you want.

Netoffice needs MS Office on performing device. Does your server has it?

You can utilize a DataGrid to produce Excel files on the fly. It doesn’t require Excel.

This option returns HTML to the customer, but declares that it is actually an Excel file. The problem with that is that Excel is on to your little deception, and tosses a warning dialog at the user discussing that someone’s attempting to lie to them.

I am creating a web page in C# where users enter their information like employee_id, name, skill_name, skill_category, skill_proficiency and so on

. When they click the “send” button, I desire an Excel file (. xls) to be generated on the server where all data gets stored. As users continue to enter information, the Excel file should be populated

I understand using a DB here is a must, but I have actually been told to strictly use Excel file as the scope of project is extremely small.

For projects like this, you require to start believing about which external resources you may require. As quickly as I read this concern, I started to think how I think when I am programming. “Okay, I require a Excel-file library or API to import into my task which has methods that I can then use to read/write to Excel spreadsheet files.” You then take that and start your search. I searched for you and I found two choices, but there are probably others out there:

Excel Library
Spreadsheet Light

The vital part here is not the specific libraries, but that you are believing in the ideal terms. I when had to write an application in C# which wrote Microsoft Word.docx files … C# cannot do this on its own so I browsed for “Write.docx files with C#” and eventually found and utilized a library called DocX.

Having said this, when you get among those libraries and successfully import it into your project, you will have to check out the docs and play with the approaches a bit till you become comfortable with ways to develop, write to, save, and close a file. Now, all you will require to do is reference it in your ASP.NET application, new up the things and write the business reasoning in the proper area. You might produce an abstraction like a repository pattern which executes the Excel file logic that you simply found out. A repo pattern would abstract your company logic/core program away from the library so that you could change the library with a new/different one without impacting your very own program’s code.

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