Create Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) file from C#

How can I create an Excel Spreadsheet with C# without requiring Excel to be installed on the machine that’s running the code?

You can utilize a library called ExcelLibrary. It’s a complimentary, open source library published on Google Code

This seems a port of the PHP ExcelWriter that you discussed above. It will not compose to the new.xlsx format yet, but they are dealing with adding that functionality in.

It’s really basic, simple and little to utilize. Plus it has a DataSetHelper that lets you utilize DataSets and DataTables to quickly deal with Excel data.

ExcelLibrary appears to still only work for the older Excel format (. xls files), however might be including support in the future for newer 2007/2010 formats.

You can likewise utilize EPPlus, which works only for Excel 2007/2010 format files (. xlsx files).

There are a couple of recognized bugs with each library as noted in the comments. In all, EPPlus seems to be the finest option as time goes on. It seems to be more actively updated and recorded too.

EPPlus has support for Pivot Tables and ExcelLibrary might have some assistance (Pivot table issue in ExcelLibrary).

Started it with the source from Excel Bundle, however today it’s an overall reword. Supports ranges, cell styling, charts, shapes, pictures, namesranges, autofilter and a great deal of other things.

The easiest as well as fastest way to make an Excel file coming from C# is to utilize the Open XML Functionality Tool. The tool reverse engineers any Excel data in to C# code.

If XLSX is actually a should: ExcelPackage is actually a great begin having said that perished off when the developer gave up working with it. ExML received from there as well as added a couple of features. ExML isn’t a poor substitute, I’m still utilizing it in a couple of production web sites.

An unbelievably light-weight choice could be to utilize HTML tables. Simply create physical body, crown, and table tags in a data, and save it as a report along with an.xls expansion. There are actually Microsoft specific features that you may use to design the result, featuring answers.

A surprisingly lightweight alternative could be to utilize HTML dining tables. Simply develop body system, head, as well as dining table tags in a documents, and wait as a data along with an.xls extension. There are Microsoft particular premiums that you can easily use to style the output, including answers.

I realize that you may certainly not be actually coding this in a web treatment, having said that here is an example of the composition of an Excel report by means of an HTML table. This method might be used if you were coding a console app, desktop computer app, or service.

I recognize that you might certainly not be coding this in an internet application, however right here is an instance of the composition of an Excel file through an HTML dining table. This tactic can be made use of if you were actually coding a console application, pc app, or solution.

OpenXML is likewise an exceptional option that supports stay away from setting up MS Excel on Server.The Open XML SDK 2.0 offered by Microsoft streamlines the activity of controling Open XML plans as well as the rooting Open XML schema components within a program. The Open XML Treatment Programs Interface (API) encapsulates many typical jobs that developers execute on Open XML bunches.

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