Digital signature on documents stored on a server

I wish to implement a procedure on our ERP for digital notice via web-browser documents that are saved on a web server.

If the smartcard is actually physically on the client side, then something must operate on the customer personal computer, regardless of whether there is actually a server element or otherwise. This is actually because the trademark is actually relied on the smartcard itself, and just the personal computer that the smartcard is connected to can easily speak with it, thus something must work on the client.

The two choices are actually:

Have the client software deal with the whole entire signing process, from reading the PDF, supplying the called for web content to the smartcard, receiving the response trademark from the smartcard, and also putting the signature in to the PDF, or

I am preparing MessageDigest( SHA256) of a pdf document and also delivering it to a finalizing webservice. That company returns me a XMLSignature. Inorder to authorize my pdf I am actually making an effort to attach this XML signature to it. Just how can I perform it in java?

As you perhaps know, the real finalizing is done on the chip of the brilliant memory card, out the customer’s computer and also much less on the server! This indicates that you’ll need client-side software application that makes use of PKCS # 11 to develop the trademark. (A choice will be actually to make use of MS-CAPI, however that will just work with Microsoft window.).

Just how it functions: program that you, CoSign or even a person else composes takes the documents from the ERP device as well as computes the doc’s digital trademark hash. The SSCD at that point figures out the digital signature as well as the end result is actually sent out back to the requesting unit. The trademark is actually after that included to the document per the requirement (eg pdf).

I know how to attach certificates to a pdf along with exclusive key but can easily certainly not determine exactly how the XML signature needs to be actually made use of

You possess different possibilities: you may create the hash of the PDF that requires to become joined the server, and also deliver that hash to the client use to acquire it authorized. Or you may send the PDF to the client and also perform the comprehensive signing on the customer.

When I google, I am able to discover a lot of references appropriate to XMLSignature being actually used to authorize XML content having said that I can not discover just how XMLSignature can be utilized to sign PDF document?

Use Library PDFTron in python to digitally authorize PDF

Digital Trademark signing is actually usually done on a “Secure Signature Creation Gadget (SSCD)”. This is usually an intelligent card yet does certainly not need to be. One vital choice is actually a safe centralized body. That’s what CoSign as well as some other firms sell.

Have the client program coordinate along with the web server to acquire the PDF hash coming from the hosting server, feed it to the smartcard, acquire the feedback signature, send that back to the web server, and after that the web server may place the trademark right into the PDF (with variations of this particular scheme achievable).

I intend to electronically authorize PDF using c#, and the signature should be visible in PDF

However, the truth remains that claiming you prefer server-side finalizing entailing a smart card that literally resides on the client-side is actually a contradition. Any answer that meets that necessity would certainly violate every protection problem.

Your principal complication is actually that finalizing calls for an exclusive trick. This personal secret is held on a smart card and it can’t be extracted coming from that memory card (let alone sent online) for evident reasons.

In either scenario, developing the trademark must occur on the client edge, in the smartcard unit.

Take note that my manual about electronic trademarks is actually already a bit outdated. We have actually written a far better method to apply so-called “delayed finalizing”.

Keep in mind that the signer’s personal crucial never ever leaves behind the SSCD. CoSign has a SSCD style that consists of a FIPS licensed tamper-proof instance. If any person opens up the situation, all of the secluded keys are immediately ruined.

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