Does anyone know a better alternative to MS Excel’s Solver?

My business needs to crunch a lot of information and part of the process includes running the solver and plotting a graph through resulting information points. Obviously there is a great deal of copy and paste involved and the whole procedure is unsteady, mistake vulnerable and all round cluster-fudge. I was questioning if there was an alternative to the solver that can be used so that even if we have to utilize stand out to plot the final chart, there will be a lot less data that has to be copied and pasted backward and forward. It would be fantastic especially if the tool might be easily incorporated into a .NET application however I am open to recommendations that might require a bit of code-fu to obtain this to work.

The solver is essentially an iterative method used to find roots of functions. Depending on the particular type of the function that you are attempting to find a root of, you can roll your own or utilize existing executions of the bisection approach or Newton’s method (or numerous other iterative root-finding methods).

Eureqa is a software tool for detecting formulas and covert mathematical relationships in your information. Its main goal is to identify the simplest mathematical solutions which could explain the hidden mechanisms that produced the data. Eureqa is free to download and utilize.

You may be thinking about the open source OpenSolver we have actually established for Excel; it’s readily available from This utilizes the totally free COIN-OR CBC solver, and can fix direct and integer problems (but not non-linear designs). It installs as an Excel add-in. It can resolve much larger issues, and typically does so faster than Solver. Hope you discover it useful.

OpenOffice has a brand-new nonlinear solver plugin which utilizes entirely various techniques of discovering solutions to optimization problems than the steepest-descent techniques used in Excel’s solver.

I’ve automated the solver interface for various projects. This assistance article from MS goes through the entire VBA interface:

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