Excel Work Book – Read from C# slow ?

You really did not spedify how perform you access the succeed documents. Nonetheless, instance hence could be useful for you if you’re utilizing Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel. Note that it opens very first sheet in the data, line: (Worksheet) xlBook.Worksheets.get _ Product( 1 )

When I compose exporting right into xls using wpf platform in C#. I also experience with this problem and also I solve it along with following code.

Having said that, there are actually two factors I actually don’t enjoy regarding this: First, it appears I must kind in all the pillar labels. Second, it bunches the whole spreadsheet in to memory instead of reading through as a flow (takes a moment even for pretty small spreadsheets.

Checking out a single tissue takes as long as reading an assortment of any sort of size. This is actually the cost of speaking to the COM layer, and you are acquiring it thousands of opportunities. You should write the variation to an item [,], and afterwards accessibility that collection tissue through tissue.

Due to the fact that you are packing information from the Open XML (*. xlsx) report layout, I will advise you use Open up XML SDK. It does not begin Master the history which is actually always an advantage, specifically if you require to manage your code non-interactively.

I discovered the following inquiry which is on aspect but 7 years aged. Checking out Excel files from C# (Furthermore, it is actually a traditionally considerable concern that is actually iced up.

Take note that the selection will definitely be one-based rather than zero-based like regular C# collections. The records will certainly go from 1 to rowCount and also from 1 to colCount, but Cavalcades and rows homes will come back rowCount and also colCount, certainly not 1 + rowCount and also 1 + colCount. If you wish to write data back, you can make use of a zero-based array of the right dimension (actually you have to AFAIK since you can not generate a one-based variety) and it will certainly work great.

I have actually additionally written an article on various strategies of accessing information in Excel which you may discover practical.

was try out analysis coming from an excel book as well as noticed it takes a very long time to go through a slab along with 3560 rows and also 7 rows, regarding 1 moment and also 17 seconds. All I carried out was loop with the whole sheet and store the values in a listing.

I wish to swiftly break open up an excel piece and perform text message controls. I really want the operation to function like ReadAllLines (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/s2tte0y1( v= vs. 110). aspx) but for Excel.

int rowCount = range.Rows.Count;
    int colCount = range.Columns.Count;

    object[,] values= range.Value2;

    int rowCounter = 1;
    int colCounter = 1;

    while (rowCounter < rowCount)
        colCounter = 1;
        while (colCounter <= colCount)
            // check for null?
            testList.Add(values[rowCounter, colCounter].ToString());

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