Generate excel charts using JavaScript

Exactly what I have to do: to create stand out files using JavaScript, filled with information and based on that data, a chart (for, let’s say initially 10 results).

The data part was resolved. Is there a method to utilize pure JavaScript for including charts (also in the stand out file) utilizing that information?

I have to add the chart in the excel file. No code attempted up until now, I was searching and the only result I’ve got was the xlsx-chart. However I was wondering if there is another method to utilize pure C#.

There is a Excel add-in called Funfun, this add-in permits you to compose and run JavaScript code straight in Excel as you might see in the photo. Rather of creating a Excel file utilizing JavaScript, you might just type your data into Excel and compose some code to make a chart using those data. In this example, I used HighCharts.js to make this chart.

One thing you have to notice is that you need to write a configuration in order to use in shortIO file. However it is truly simple considering that it simply define the area on the spreadsheet where the data should read. In this example, the configuration is just one line of code

You likewise have another option, the Funfun also has an online editor, it’s just like any other play area that may have utilized. It is a bit special that it likewise has a sheet developed into the online editor.( as shown in the picture listed below) You could also click the link listed below to inspect the Funfun online editor.

You could also evaluate your code with your data in the online editor. Once you are satisfied with you result, you could simply use the link of the online editor to fill all you code and data into Excel.

Well you can easly do charts with char.js libarary. It plays with your data and a Html5 canvas, here is the link:

I have actually been attempting to produce information in Excel. Producing chart is quite tough in Excel …

I am wondering, is C# able to generate data AND graph in excel?

Or a workaround can be usage python to create graph in graphical format like.jpg, etc or.pdf file is also okay. as long as workaround does not require reliance such as the requirement to install increase library.

Xlsxwriter has a lot of utility for creating excel charts in Python. You will need to nevertheless use the an xlsx file format, there is not much feedback for incorrect criteria, and you can not read your output.

Examine out my excel to python class PyWorkbooks to get the information if you do decide to utilize matplotlib. It lets you obtain data efficiently and easily as numpy varieties (the native datatype for matplotlib).

Currently I am taking a look at utilizing the raw csv or converting it to json and just dropping it in a folder that is being checked out by jqplot.jquery graphing and plotting library. Then all I require to do is have the user or myself display the plot in any web internet browser.

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