Generating word documents with PHP

Do you understand any type of means to generate doc and docx reports along with PHP as well as without COM part? I’ve made an effort PHPWord, which makes docx documents, but these may not be opened in OpenOffice because they trigger it to smash up. I’ve likewise attempted PHPDocx, but it failed to generate any sort of documents whatsoever.

Generating word documents along with JS:

I have created a straightforward open-source library that will certainly replace tags by market values.

Right here it is actually:

As I mentioned listed below PHP Convert Word documents to HTML without shedding styling and also images,

In this technique you require to format the HTML/PHP page making use of Word-friendly CSS and incorporate header info to your PHP writing. Ensure you do not use external design slabs considering that everything need to remain in the same file.

so I have actually deleted the whole document and also included each and every paragraph independently to see where the inaccuracy took place. This caused observing that the mistake arised from the data which I was actually getting. It couldn’t handle “>” and “&” indicators!

Not quite knowledgeable about PHPWord, yet ensure the encoding of your document and the data you are actually placing right into it are the same. Utilized to possess the same issue with an aged collection for producing stand out files.

Don’t copy and also paste that around additionally. Sending fake HTTP headers in addition to some HTML result does deficient a Word document. It may have fooled internet browsers into passing it to Word, which implicitly converts it. Newer versions will definitely at least raise a warning. As well as any sort of business class firewall is actually likely to shut out such primitive workarounds.

The very best option I’ve found up until now is You use it along with the Zend platform. Extremely very easy to set up as well as you acquire minimal deviation coming from the true word style. It changes and also generates word docs from/to html (to name a few layouts) effectively.

Consequently customer will certainly be actually caused to install a report. This file will definitely certainly not be actually 100% “initial” Word document, but it definitely is going to open up in MS Word use. You can use this method each for Unix and also Windows environments.

I am utilizing PHPOffice/PHPWord in my Laravel Treatment. It is utilized to generate a.docx document with results in tables. This operates fantastic for a document of 3 dining tables along with 6 rows, yet when there are actually even more rows the document is produced but when opening it the observing mistake occurs

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