Writers’ guidelines

Freelance writers, software columnists, bloggers and developers wishing to get on the reporting side of things are invited to submit articles for publication in the OpenSource Reporter. You have a great opportunity to publicize a program you’ve written, or that you simply like a lot, using our magazine.

Our readers typically aren’t programmers, and you won’t find them on an open source email list or hanging out at the usual web sites. At least not yet. Teach them.

Our audience is reading our magazine to to solve real world problems using open source software. They also want to save money. They’re also reading it to find out where the pitfalls are, and how to avoid them.

Here are a sampling of some possible topics:


  • What are the ten coolest things about Open Office?
  • How can people get started with MySQL or Postgresql or your database?
  • How can a non-technical user customize Juicy News Network?
  • Why did you write that new gizmo you wrote?
  • How do you keep abreast of the most important open source developments?We will also publish book reviews. If the book review you write for a users group comes out especially well, why don’t you submit it to us? Tell us what makes you qualified to write the review. Authors: Tell us about the book you wrote and why your wrote it.We’re very interested in news and announcements concerning open source projects. Has a new release of your product gone public? Briefly, what are its key new features or changes and how can people get it? We hope those of you developing open source software will send us your press releases — in some cases, we may even help you write them. We’ll be on a lot of announcements lists, but please don’t assume we heard the latest big news for your project. Send us a separate email or fax, and include your contact info.

    If you have an idea for an article you think fits in with this model, we hope you will contact us. E-mail OSR editor/publisher Larry Cafiero or technical editor Tod Landis with any story proposals, comments or questions.