How can I change axis values in Excel?

It appears that you are taking a class in electrical engineering or physics.

You have to convert the X-axis into a log scale. To do that:

Rightclick the X-axis
Choose Format axis from the pop-up
On the resulting dialog, click the Text Options icon
You will then see a checkbox for Logarithmic scale. Check it.

Changing the capacitance into microFarad is a kluge. Think about using a Custom-made number format for your data like #.0 %%%. The % will increase the displayed value by 100, so 3 of them in a row increase it by a million. The fly in the ointment is that the % indications are shown, too. But if you put some spaces in between the #.0 and the %%%, you can move the percentage indications over to the right and cover them up with a white rectangle.

Personally, I would multiply the capacitance values by 1 million in an auxiliary column, then plot that versus frequency.

No matter technique, it would be incorrect to alter the 0 on the Y-axis to anything else.

The job in Excel is easy. Right-Click the Axis that you wish to select and edit Format Axis. You can alter the Number formatting.

Particularly, select the cells you desire to copy (This presumes you know how to pick several cells as a group) then use your preferred copy-paste method (such as ctrl-c while in Excel, ctrl-v while in PowerPoint). If you wish to have them work as a spreadsheet, rather of a simple table, usage ctrl-alt-v and select “Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object”.

Before I enter into addressing your question, I have to discover from you as to how do we save an Excel file within a database. Either you or else I need to enhance my database knowledge because scenario before pressing ourselves to PHP connection. Check out from a stand out sheet utilizing PHP-ExcelReader library.

You currently can on a Mac device however it won’t be a ‘live’ file. If you edit your spreadsheet in Evernote, the edits will upgrade in Evernote only and not in the initial spreadsheet that lives elsewhere (i.e. your desktop).

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