How to extend the page size of a PDF to add a watermark?

I’m trying to remove a watermark given that pdf report to create a selection keeping that(I’ll recive a pdf with a watermark, if this watermark is I expect performed an action, otherwise conducted another acction). I’ve been actually trying with code below, where I make use of C# SDK, but it does not manage effectively, it just receive an image which relate bar code (an image in the data) and also certainly not the watermark I need.

My web function signs PDF documents. I would love to let customers download the initial PDF document (certainly not signed) yet inserting an image to the pdf document, c# demo here .

In my code example, I modify the market value of llx by deducting 36 customer systems. You’ll observe that our experts’ve incorporated half an inch if you compare the page measurements of both PDFs.

The PdfDictionary our company obtain along with the getPageN() technique is gotten in touch with the page dictionary. It possesses plenty of info concerning a particular page in the PDF. If you wish to create a much more sturdy application, you must also look at the/ CropBox and also the/ Turn entry.

Initially this: it is necessary to change the document just before you electronically authorize it. These changes are going to break the signature as soon as electronically signed.

I have actually fastened pair of images, the original PDF document (not authorized) and also the customized PDF document.

I’ve observed this tip in yet another internet request, as well as I would love to do the same. Naturally I will just like to do it utilizing c# library.

Our team also use these coordinates to pull a square that deals with the additional half inch. Now shift to the other watermark examples to determine how to include text message or other material to every page.

I will split the inquiry in two parts and I’ll miss the part about the real watermarking as this is currently discussed below: How to watermark PDFs utilizing message or images?

The media container of a page is actually an assortment along with 4 market values that represent a rectangular shape defined due to the coordinates of its lower-left as well as upper-right section (often, I describe all of them as llx, lly, urx and ury).

This inquiry is not a replicate of that question, since of the additional criteria to incorporate an additional margin to the.

Take an appeal at the primes.pdf document. As you may find, a half an in margin was included to the left of each page.

We are actually making use of HiqPdf for creating documents from html to pdf. Its own operating properly, recently our company received demand to incorporate company logo as watermark on document history. I tried yet i couldn’t discover any sort of answer.

I told you prior to that the size had actually altered, and also it was actually real, but it had altered because the initial document dimension was actually certainly not A4. It the initial dimension document is actually A4 at that point the new document size is certainly not modified. This create me believe that the content of the authentic document is scaled as well as translated to the right, leaving a vertical area at the left of the page for including the watermark.

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