Read excel file row by row, cell by cell C#

I want (as title states) to programmatically read values from an Excel file. Row by row then cell by cell, to have the flexibility of creating custom-made collections from cell’s information. And iterate all cells in row 1 as long as there is next. There should be some classy method to iterate through rows and cells in C#:

You can depend on the Rows/Columns residential or commercial properties and then iterate through all the contained varieties (Cells). Test code:

Range range1 = worksheet.Rows[1]; //For all columns in row 1
//Range range1 = worksheet.Columns[1]; //for all rows in column 1

foreach (Range r in range1.Cells) //range1.Cells represents all the columns/rows
// r is the range of the corresponding cell

This loop would go though all the cells (if range1 is a row; through all the columns). You can set a break whenever you desire. Likewise you may develop a different set of cells to repeat through (rather of a whole column/row); this code simply reveals you ways to proceed with models for particular rows/columns.

After getting cell object which is Excel.Range, I do not know how to read the material of that cell. Is there a direct way to get just one cell worth that is string?

When I did.Value it did not come up, I tried that technique you pointed out before however I was getting null always and in VS 2012. Value2 or Worth [item] was showing up. So I thought exactly what i was utilizing was somehow wrong and chose to ask here. I discovered out my row and column was mixed up through path and mistake. It is Cells [row, column] like range. For some reason on the internet different posts said otherwise so that got me confused.

for Excel-parsing and creation you can use ExcelDataReader:

It is much better to use.Value2() rather of.Value(). This is faster and offers the specific value in the cell. For specific type of data, truncation can be observed when.Value() is used.

The problem with reading single Excel Cell in.Net comes from the fact, that the empty cell is examined to a Null. Hence, one can not use its.Value or.Value2 properties, due to the fact that a mistake appears.

I’m attempting to check out data from an Excel file in C# utilizing Microsofts COM Interop.

Far, I’m able to fill the document and read some data from it. Nevertheless, I have to check out data from 2 various columns and output these as json (for a jquery ajax call).

One of the finest methods to find out the Excel Things Design is to tape-record a Macro in Excel where you manually carry out the task at hand. Then, evaluate the resulting VBA code in the macro to get a great concept the best ways to structure your code to perform the comparable task.

This is the code I would use to check out the Excel. Now it checks out every column that has the heading (designated by whatever is in the first row) and then all the rows there. It isn’t precisely what you asked (it doesn’t format into JSON) but I think it suffices to get you over the bulge.

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