Read excel file row by row, cell by cell C#

I want (as title states) to programmatically read values from an Excel file. Row by row then cell by cell, to have the flexibility of creating custom-made collections from cell’s information. And iterate all cells in row 1 as long as there is next. There should be some classy method to iterate through rows and cells in C#:

You can depend on the Rows/Columns residential or commercial properties and then iterate through all the contained varieties (Cells). Test code:

Range range1 = worksheet.Rows[1]; //For all columns in row 1
//Range range1 = worksheet.Columns[1]; //for all rows in column 1

foreach (Range r in range1.Cells) //range1.Cells represents all the columns/rows
// r is the range of the corresponding cell

for Excel-parsing and also creation you can easily utilize ExcelDataReader:

This loop will go though all the tissues (if range1 is a row; through all the cavalcades). You may establish a breather whenever you prefer. Similarly you might establish a various set of cells to repeat through (rather of an entire column/row); this code merely uncovers you methods to go ahead along with styles for certain rows/columns.

Far, I am actually capable to pack the document as well as review some information from it. I possess to inspect out records from 2 numerous columns and result these as json (for a jquery ajax telephone call).

It is actually better to use.Value2() somewhat of.Value(). This is quicker as well as uses the certain market value in the tissue. For certain sort of data, truncation can be observed when.Value() is made use of.

I’m attempting to have a look at data from an Excel report in C# making use of Microsofts COM Interop.

When I did.Value it did certainly not come up, I attempted that strategy you directed out prior to nevertheless I was actually obtaining null always as well as in VS 2012. I uncovered out my row and cavalcade was mixed up through path as well as mistake. For some cause on the world wide web various articles mentioned or else so that acquired me perplexed.

After getting tissue item which is Excel.Range, I carry out not know exactly how to read through the component of that cell. Exists a straight way to receive simply one cell really worth that is string?

One of optimum procedures to figure out the Excel Things Concept is to tape-record a Macro in Excel where you by hand execute the duty at palm. Assess the leading VBA code in the macro to get a great principle the finest techniques to structure your code to do the similar activity.

This is actually the code I will make use of to look at the Excel. Right now it inspects out every cavalcade that has the heading (designated through whatever remains in the initial line) and also then all the rows there. It isn’t exactly what you asked (it does not style into JSON) but I think it is adequate to acquire you over the protrusion.

The complication with reading solitary Excel Cell in.Net stems from the truth, that the unfilled cell is reviewed to a Null. One can certainly not make use of its.Value or.Value2 characteristics, due to the simple fact that a blunder looks.

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