Which is better open source for Excel file parsing in Java?

Which is better API for stand out parsing in Java Apache POI or JExcel API? In terms of speed, memory utilization and code stability.

Personally I would suggest POI over JExcel. The factors I chose POI over JExcelAPI are:

POI supports both old and new MS Excel sheet formats
It has a cleaner API (imho).
As far as I can see it does not struggle with the irritating Date \ Time issues that JexcelApi has (Date screen).

I have had the opportunity to utilize both. POI, in my opinion, has a really well considered and simple to utilize API. The most significant take advantage of my point of view is that you can factory off the development of the worksheet instance and then deal with whatever in the context of the usermodel interfaces. This suggests your code can process both old and brand-new Excel file formats without needing to stress over which is which. parsing excel in c#.net

Furthermore, you have the ability to check out and write the very same Worksheet instance. With JExcelApi there is this actually strange split between “readable” sheets and “writable” sheets which I found odd. This also resulted in me having to present messy work arounds to move from “reading” to “composing” in my code.

I did not observe meaningful performance difference using POI on old, binary files (POI HSSF) and JExcelApi. There is nevertheless a significant performance difference between POI HSSF (old format) and POI XSSF (new format). Due to the fact that of all the extra work needed for parseing and unloading XML, I assume this is.

I recommend utilizing Apache POI, which I utilized before, particularly if you support the Office 2007/8 OpenXML format. JExcel doesn’t support that. Apache POI also supports the Workplace applications.

I can not discuss the performance part. I did have a really large Excel document (millions of columns) but with a reasonably small file (few megabites). POI did take couple of minutes to parse it and customize it. Nevertheless, in this case, Excel itself took minutes simply to pack the document.

Apache POI is excellent with the latest formats, but speed smart( parsing) JExcel is better( JExcel does not support OpenXML format as notnoop said).

JExcelAPi is much better than Apache POI except that it does not support Excel 2007 format.

I know of some open source libraries for handling with Excel files but these are for only *.xls or *.xlsx. I do not desire to use Microsoft Excel Automation because of the efficiency matter. Might you please recommend me with some open source or complimentary library conference this function (handle with both *.xls and *.xlsx

How about spreadsheetlight? Is open-source, with an MIT license.

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